• Type 2 diabetes medications

    Type 2 Diabetes Medications Guide

    Type 2 diabetes is a common condition affecting around 3.5 mln people in the UK (Diabetes UK, 2019). In this post, I will discuss the most common type 2 diabetes medications used in the UK, reflecting current guidelines in the management of this condition. In relation to each drug, I will focus mainly on: Mechanism of action Common side effects Any essential and relevant information about the drug The following type 2 diabetes medications will be discussed: Metformin Sulphonylurea Gliptins (DPP-4 inhibitors) SGLT2 inhibitors GLP-1 mimetics (Incretin mimetics) Pioglitazone GLP-1 mimetics In the final part of this post, I listed the most common type 2 diabetes drugs prescribed in the…