What is the best medicine for chesty cough?

Chesty cough, also known as a productive cough, is characterised by overproduction of mucus. Chesty cough can commonly be a symptom of a common cold, but also other acute conditions such as bronchitis, or long term disease, for example, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Mucus accompanying a chesty cough can be clear or coloured (for example, yellow). Coloured mucus may indicate a bacterial infection, especially when other symptoms are present, for example, high temperature. Patients commonly request over the counter medicines for a chesty cough. In today’s post, I will seek to find the best medicine for chesty cough by looking at over the counter and pharmacy-only products available in the UK.

Summary of the post:

  • Are cough syrups effective in the management of chesty coughs?
  • Non-drowsy chesty cough syrups
  • Drowsy chesty cough syrups
  • Herbal product for chesty coughs
  • Best chesty cough medicines for toddlers
  • Can you treat a chesty cough with prescription-only medicines?
  • Use of antibiotics for a chesty cough

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