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    16 Best Gaviscon Alternative Products

    Gaviscon range of products is probably the most known brand of antacids in the UK. There are, however, several alternative products and drugs which can be used to help with symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. Today I will review 16 best Gaviscon alternative products and medicines. I will briefly discuss what Gaviscon is to get a better understanding of alternative treatments. I will also talk about: Gaviscon and other antacids mechanism of action¬†¬† Gaviscon alternative products: antacids (liquid and chewable forms) Gaviscon alternative products: proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) Gaviscon alternative drugs: h2-receptor antagonists How Gaviscon and alternative antacids work? Gaviscon is a brand of products, commonly referred to as ‘antacids’…