• Allevia 120mg tablets - new fexofenadine over the counter
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    NEW FEXOFENADINE over the counter – Allevia tablets

    Fexofenadine recently received a green light and soon will be available over the counter without a prescription. Until now, fexofenadine was a prescription-only medication. The Government recently announced the reclassification of fexofenadine 120mg, which will be available as General sale Medication (GSL), sold as branded products – Allevia 120mg tablets. Summary of the post: What is fexofenadine? Fexofenadine over the counter – the first GSL product Can anyone take fexofenadine over the counter? How much fexofenadine (Allevia) cost over the counter? Fexofenadine: availability on prescription Other ways of getting fexofenadine ‘over the counter’

  • Best hayfever nasal sprays: treatment choice

    Best hayfever nasal sprays: treatment choice

    Symptomatic management of hayfever involves the use of different over the counter antihistamines and nasal sprays. There is plenty of option when it comes to nasal sprays. In this post, I will list the best hayfever nasal sprays available over the counter from pharmacies and larger shops. I will categorise nasal sprays into steroids nasal sprays and non-steroid nasal sprays. I will also summarise: Possible side effects associated with their use Any important, relevant information Use of nasal sprays in pregnancy an overview of hayfever management