• Is Flarin the strongest ibuprofen over the counter?
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    Flarin review. £9.50 for ‘new lipid formulation’ of ibuprofen, is it worth it?

    This post is not a typical review as this time I am looking at Flarin medication, a ‘new, lipid formulation of ibuprofen.’ Ibuprofen is a common drug available over the counter in all pharmacies and supermarkets. Ibuprofen is used in the management of acute pain and conditions characterised by inflammation. A personal review of medication would not make any sense as a one-man study is no study at all. Although I work as a healthcare professional in my daily job, this post does not make any health recommendations or claims. What brought my attention to Flarin is the price of this product, which stands almost at £10 per box of 30 soft capsules.…