Cerelle vs Cerazette: Are they really the same?

Cerelle and Cerazette are two brands of daily progestogen-only pill (POP), also known as mini-pill. In recent years prescribing of Cerazette in NHS decreased, in place of other brands, including Cerelle. Today I will discuss the reasons for this change and review different aspects of Cerelle vs Cerazette use. 

Summary of the post:

  • Cerelle vs Cerazette: are they the same?
  • Cerelle vs Cerazette: How to take them?
  • Cerelle vs Cerazette: common side effects 
  • Which contraceptive is more popular – Cerelle vs Cerazette? 
  • I used to be prescribed Cerazette, but not anymore. Why? 
  • Can I still request a doctor to prescribe Cerazette?
  • Can I ask the pharmacy to dispense Cerazette instead of Cerelle?
  • How can I get Cerazette pill? Can I buy Cerazette? 
  • Do generic, and branded drugs produce exactly the same effect? 
  • Alternative progesterone-only methods of contraception 

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