• Tamsulosin vs Finasteride: review of effectiveness, side effect.
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    Tamsulosin vs Finasteride: use, side effects & effectiveness

    Tamsulosin and finasteride are the two most common drugs licensed and used to manage benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a condition characterised by an enlarged prostate, which may produce common symptoms such as increased urgency to urinate, poor urinary flow (difficult to start urination), increased urination at night (polyuria) and incomplete bladder emptying (individuals going back to the toilet few times because they feel they need to pee). In today’s post, I will review the most common questions surrounding both drugs. Tamsulosin vs finasteride summary of the post:   Tamsulosin vs finasteride: legal classification What tamsulosin and finasteride are used for? What is the difference between tamsulosin and finasteride? Can…