• Chilblains treatment with creams and prevention.

    What is the BEST CHILBLAINS cream?

    Chilblains is a condition characterised by painful, itchy and red swellings of the skin, affecting mainly toes, fingers and ear, caused by exposure to cold, which causes narrowing of the blood vessels and consequently poor circulation. Chilblains is self-limiting condition meaning it resolves itself without any treatment. Prolonged chilblains may require a GP intervention. Chilblains treatment may involve symptomatic management of pain and avoidance of cold and damp conditions to prevent further events of chilblains. Today I will review the availability of chilblains cream for symptomatic management of chilblains.   Summary of the post:  Chilblains: main symptoms How to prevent chilblains?  Chilblains treatment: chilblains creams and ointment  Use of steroid cream for chilblains