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Articles and posts around pharmacy in UK. Some areas covered includes news around drugs, their developments, drug effectiveness, statistical information on drug issuing and legal aspect of the pharmacy.

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    Liothyronine: issues with cost and NHS prescribing

    I recently came across a patient being privately prescribed 168 liothyronine tablets. This particular patients (like many others) was refused supply of this drug on NHS prescription and due to ‘Brexit’ happening, he decided to get some extra tablets ‘just in case’. He was about to be amused. Price? £1799 Left with no choice, he was forced to look elsewhere (abroad) for affordable pharmacies. Germany? Prices cheaper than UK. This particular patient went with pharmacy he found in Turkey, raising questions about the source of the supply and quality of liothyronine. Generally EU prices for liothyronine are significantly cheaper than UK prices ranging from 2 pence to 26 pence per…