• Iron supplements UK products available from pharmacies
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    The Best Iron Supplements UK

    I today’s post I will discuss the best iron supplement in the UK. There is an endless number of iron and multivitamin supplements available in supermarkets and pharmacies. Patients who are deficient of iron and require to take supplements can buy the best iron products from a pharmacy. The best of all, iron supplements available in UK pharmacies are cheap and effective. Patients who pay a prescription charge can buy iron tablets or capsules, which are very often available at a much lower cost. Summary of this post: What is Iron deficiency? Iron deficiency: who needs iron supplements Iron supplements: legal classification  Most popular iron supplements in the UK (prescribing…

  • Cranberry juice UTI. What is the evidence for treatment and prevention.
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    Cranberry juice and UTI

    Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common infection which can affect the bladder, urethra or kidneys. UTI mostly experienced by women, however, men can also get it. UTI can be uncomfortable but usually goes on its own without any treatment. Depending on the symptoms or in certain situations patients need to see their GP to get appropriate antibiotic treatments. To learn more about UTI and when to see your GP go to the NHS website. This post will focus on the use of cranberry juice in UTI treatment and prevention. Why Cranberry juice in UTI? Use of cranberries in the treatment of bladder infections goes back hundreds of years ago to…

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    St John’s wort effectiveness

    St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a traditional herbal medicine with a long history of use for different conditions. Nowadays, of St John’s wort is mainly as an herbal supplement to help with symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. In this post I am looking at St John’s wort effectiveness and possible side effects associated with taking this herbal product.

  • what is the best vitamin d supplement
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    The best Vitamin D supplement

    In my profession I see many people being prescribed vitamin D supplements. I also see many customers buying vitamin D supplements. Some of them ask ‘what is the best vitamin D supplement‘ others specifically ask for vitamin D3 as this was recommended form of vitamin D supplement. In this short post I will explain why we need vitamins D, the difference between vitamin D and D3 and consequently try to answer what the best vitamin D supplement is, or rather what to look for when buying vitamin D supplement.