Ibuprofen for chickenpox – can you use it? [ANSWERED]

Ibuprofen is a common medication used in the management of pain, fever, and to reduce inflammation. Alongside paracetamol (Calpol) it is one of the first medicines considered by parents when a child is ill. However, ibuprofen may not be recommended as the drug of choice in a particular group of children or to treat specific conditions. Today I answer the question: Can you use ibuprofen for chickenpox?

Summary of this post:

  • Can you use ibuprofen for chickenpox?
  • Why can’t we use ibuprofen for chickenpox (evidence)?
  • What are the alternative medicines for chickenpox?
  • Management of fever in chickenpox
  • Management of skin itch in chickenpox

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9 Calpol ALTERNATIVE products for children

Calpol is probably the most well-known brand of paracetamol in liquid form for infants, toddlers and children. Calpol range of paracetamol liquid includes Calpol Infant and Calpol 6+. Today I will list Calpol alternative products, including other brands and forms of liquid paracetamol and alternative drugs. Although the intention is to find Calpol alternative products for toddlers and children, I included a few products, which have a minimum age restriction of 12 years and above. Firstly, however, I will review the composition of Calpol Infant and Calpol Six Plus to identify how much of paracetamol (main active ingredient) is present in each product.

Summary of the post:

  • What is Calpol?
  • Calpol: active ingredients
  • Calpol alternative products
  • Can you use Calpol with Nurofen? / Can you give a child paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time? 

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Calamine lotion for chickenpox skin itching

Calamine lotion for chickenpox is usually considered the first choice in the management of itchiness caused by varicella-zoster virus infection. Calamine lotion is cheap and widely available. In this post, I will review the use of calamine lotion for chickenpox. Summary of this post:

  • What is calamine lotion?
  • Is calamine lotion effective for chickenpox rush?
  • Where to buy calamine lotion for chickenpox
  • Is calamine lotion the best option for management of chickenpox
  • Calamine lotion alternative products
  • Use of antihistamines for chickenpox

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Baby Thrush Treatment Over The Counter

Baby thrush (oral thrush) is a common condition caused by candida infection (fungal infection) and mostly affecting new-born babies. Thrush can affect breastfeeding mothers (thrush present in the breast) and babies, with thrush affecting the inside of the mouth or causing a nappy rash. This post will focus on the treatment of oral baby thrush. Parents have only one option for baby thrush treatment – over the counter antifungal oral gel (Daktarin Sugar-Free 2% Oral Gel), which be purchased from pharmacies only. Certain restrictions apply for the supply of Daktarin Oral Gel. This post will focus on the treatment of oral thrush in babies. The nappy rash in babies can be treated with over the counter antifungal cream called clotrimazole.

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19 Best Products for Blocked Nose in Babies

Blocked nose in babies is a common occurrence. Thankfully there are many non-medicated products, which can be used to help with stuffy noses. Most ‘baby’ products which are available for the management of congestion can be used in newborn babies with few the exception of some vapour rubs. Popular product available this review can be broadly divided into:

  • Saline nasal sprays and drops
  • Nasal aspirator (manual and electric)
  • Vapour rubs and vapour oils
  • Electric plugs (Calpol Vapour Plug)
  • Baby bubble bath products

Congestion and blocked nose can be a symptom of hayfever. Availability of different liquid antihistamines is discussed in a separate post.

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Amoxicillin for kids: formulations, dose & side effects

Amoxicillin is one of the most prescribed antibiotics in the UK. In this post, I will review all the essential information about the use of amoxicillin in children. ‘Amoxicillin for kids’ – the outline of the post: 

  • Forms of amoxicillin for kids
  • Indicated use of amoxicillin 
  • Dosage of amoxicillin in children 
  • Possible side effects 
  • Storage and expiry dates 

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Antibiotics for children: storage and expiry dates

Appropriate storage of medicines, such as liquid antibiotics for children, is essential to ensure the medication’s effectiveness and stability. In this post, I am looking at storage instructions and expiry dates of liquid antibiotics for children (solutions/syrups) available in the UK, commonly used to treat various infections in children or adults with swallowing difficulties. Store instruction and expiry dates can be always found on the dispensing label, product information leaflet and on the product label which covers the antibiotic bottle.    

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10 Best Antibiotics for ACNE – UK list

Acne is a common skin condition which affects teenagers, although adults can also experience it. Acne can be managed with drugs purchased over the counter without a prescription, such as be benzoyl peroxide (Acnecide). Antibiotics for acne are reserved For people with mild-to-moderate acne. Antibiotics are effective in the management of acne vulgaris. This post list most popular antibiotic for acne in the UK, including most prescribed topical products (applied to the skin), including combination products with retinoids and oral antibiotics. Antibiotics for ACNE – post summary: 

  • Antibiotics for acne UK treatment recommendation
  • Why antibiotics are used for acne?
  • How to get antibiotics for acne?
  • The most prescribed topical products for acne
  • Topical antibiotics for acne
  • Oral antibiotics for acne

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Liquid antihistamines for children and toddlers

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the management of hayfever symptoms and allergic skin reactions in children and toddlers. Most antihistamines available for an adult population exist in liquid form. In this post, I will review liquid antihistamines for kids, which are available in the UK, focusing on:

  • Restrictions on the availability of liquid antihistamines (pharmacy-only products vs. general sale products)
  • Age restrictions for each liquid antihistamine
  • Dosage for treatment of hayfever
  • Common-side effects, particularly review of drowsiness

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EpiPen shortage UK: WHY? How To Get EpiPen

EpiPen, a device containing adrenaline (ephedrine) used in allergic emergencies, has been subject to shortages since late 2017. Patients who are at risk of an anaphylactic reaction, which can be life-threatening, are advised to keep two pens with them at all times. EpiPen shortage in the UK has been covered widely by mainstream media; therefore, in this post, I will focus on the process of getting an EpiPen device and discuss alternative treatment options and supply issues around them.

Recently I was surprised when a patient presented a prescription for EpiPen and traveled 20 miles as their local pharmacy could not supply EpiPen as ‘items is out of stock.’ In recent months I supplied EpiPen auto-injectors to several patients with no problems. Pharmacies need to follow the prescription validation process (outlined in the latter part of this post) in order to supply EpiPen auto-injector to patients.

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